About Our Albany Office & Coworking Space for Nonprofits

We’ve always thought about a better way to do things in the nonprofit sector. A better way to make the nonprofit workplace a more creative, more collaborative, more powerful and more inclusive place.

Many traditional nonprofit office spaces are bare bones, not so glamorous, and are often located in remote or suburban areas out of touch with the communities they serve. Paired with a dull physical office atmosphere is the industry-wide challenge of employee retention, where nonprofit staff can grow distant from their jobs and the mission after working on inspiring projects in uninspiring places.

And lastly, nonprofits are tasked with a lot, and managing the day-to-day office operation isn’t always a top priority when the needs of the community always come first.

These are only a few of the reasons we created The Blake Annex to change the way nonprofits work for good. Our private offices, dedicated desks and open coworking space gives nonprofit leaders and staff an opportunity to work in a modern, flexible environment fully managed by our dedicated team of community crew members.

We’ve alleviated the worries about turning the lights on, brewing the coffee and closing shop for the night, so our members can be more impactful from 8-5 and have more chances to serve, to grow and make a difference.

United Way of the Greater Capital Region

Man in blue suit at podium with women smiling behind

“As a community convener and collaborator, United Way of the Greater Capital Region is proud to present The Blake Annex, an embodiment of its mission to bring organizations together to tackle the complex roots of systemic issues and create pathways for positive change at a generational scale.”

“The Blake Annex provides nonprofit tenants and their partners who serve communities across the Capital Region a designated space to come together to share services and ideas to innovate within and across sectors. This open and inspiring work environment will ultimately break down silos, increase efficiency and capacity, inspire thought leadership and elevate the critical role that non-profit organizations and grassroots movements play in creating communities in which all can thrive.”

– Peter Gannon, President and CEO, United Way of the Greater Capital Region