Vision, Mission, Financial Info


The Blake aligns with United Way of the Greater Capital Region’s (“UWGCR”) mission to bring organizations together to tackle the complex roots of systemic issues and create pathways for positive change at a generational scale. Non-profit tenants and their partners who serve communities across the Capital Region will come together to share services and ideas to innovate within and across sectors to make a difference for today and for generations. This open and inspiring work environment will ultimately break down silos, increase efficiency and capacity, and elevate the critical role that non-profit organizations and grassroots movements play in creating communities in which all can thrive.


The Blake elevates the critical role that non-profit organizations and grassroot movements play in creating communities in which all can thrive. This space allows non-profit and tax-exempt ventures to focus more on mission and less on overhead and daily operations by providing working space at a rate below the fair market value and an organizational structure for promoting collaboration for the common purpose.


The Blake Annex adheres to stringent financial reporting requirements to ensure accountability and transparency. Each year, The Blake Annex undergoes an audit by an independent CPA firm and files Form 990 with the IRS and the CHAR500 with New York State. The audit report, Form 990, and CHAR500 are reviewed by The Blake’s Board of Directors.

There is nothing more important to The Blake Annex than the trust and confidence of our donors and members. For that reason, The Blake Annex maintains the highest standards of professionalism, accountability, and transparency in the stewardship and financial management of donors’ investments in our community. We believe that a key element of transparency is freely sharing not only our IRS Form 990 and CHAR500 (as required by law) but also our independently audited financial statements. It is our hope that doing so demonstrates our commitment to public accountability for the financial stewardship of the assets our donors and members have entrusted to us.