Introducing: The Blake Bi-Weekly E-Mail Newsletter!

Get a sneak peak into the happenings inside The Blake Annex Community!

Since our soft opening, we have expanded, laughed, worked hard, collaborated, celebrated one another and most importantly, created a community of coworkers, here, at The Blake Annex. We shared our experiences, our institutional knowledge, our funding streams and our coffee! We hosted press events, DEI sessions, volunteer gatherings, elected officials, educational conferences and more! Our little community kept growing and growing and we welcomed new guests, new partners, new neighbors and new ideas. We celebrated birthdays and holidays and we dreamt of the possibilities; together.
Now, we offer you a sneak peak into our world. A place where you can get to know the people who make up our community and see where you fit inside of it. The Blake: A Biweekly Newsletter is just one click away and after you do, don’t forget to book your tour!

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