The Blake Annex Partners With Albany Center Gallery on Mural Art

We are absolutely thrilled with the finished product from the latest murals created by Elizabeth Zunon and Portia Apple in partnership with Albany Center Gallery!
Artists Working On Mural Wall Art
Artist: Portia Apple
Adam Blake Jr. and his wife, Catherine, were some of the most incredible local entrepreneurs of their time and left a lasting impact on downtown Albany, though their story is not as prominently documented and told as it should be.
Wall Mural Portrait of Adam Blake Jr.
Artist: Elizabeth Zunon
We hope to honor their legacy here at The Blake Annex and will cherish this beautiful visual reminder of who they were and what they represent. Curious about the history of the Blakes? Just ask our community manager Angelique for more information when you’re in our space!
Cathering Blake Painting Portrait
Artist: Elizabeth Zunon